Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inner game

Inner game

This post is a culmination of my past and recent events which caused me to take a cold hard look and save myself from a downward spiral.

Your brain is an amazing tool, the only downside is that when you were born you weren’t given an instruction manual on how to operate it. On top of that, you were conditioned from birth, by factors out of your control which left you wired in a certain way. Your entire life has been lead based on the parameters of this wiring. I say fuck that! Choose to rewire yourself the way you want to be. To feel the way you want to feel.

It’s sad that most people have chosen to allow their emotional states to be dictated by the opinions of others. In this case what you are really doing is saying that your own opinions don’t mean shit compared to the opinions of strangers. This leads to neediness, lack of enjoyment of life, a never ending urge for people to like you and need to please the whims of others.

Guess what my friend. YOU are living YOUR life not these other people you are randomly meeting. In your mind, the most important person in your world should be YOU. If it isn’t, then you are living a false life there lies your problem. If you truly believed that your opinion of yourself is more important than what another person thinks of you some awesome things will happen.

1. You wouldn’t blow yourself out of set as much.
2. Your demenour what you present to the world would be different.
3. People would be responding to you different.
4. If that cute chick you are talking to gets disinterested and leaves, it won’t have that dagger to the heart affect on you.
5. Anxiety level will fall to the floor.
6. You won’t be seeking approval from others or trying to take value from them. Instead you will truly be interacting with people and connecting with them. This in it’s own is where magic starts happening.

All these negative thoughts that may be going on in your head (ex. I’m not (fill in the blank) and that’s why girls don’t like me) well guess what. EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER THINKS THIS SAME WAY. That hot chick that you want to approach, but are afraid to she may be a shy, scared little girl inside. The point is you don’t know what is going on in a persons head so to already make a judgement against yourself or about them before you’ve even talked to them is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Also along those lines, say you get rejected by some girl. You only see half the story and even then what you have is jaded because it is what you have applied meaning to. You may be saying “I suck with women, once again another one goes and proves it to me”, but since you don’t know what’s going on in her head or her life you are missing out on something huge. Her dog could have just died, just found out her dad has cancer, etc and you just happened to come around at the wrong time so there goes another dagger to your heart.

When you come to realize this as truth, an inner shift will occur and things that once caused you pain won’t affect you the same.

Learn to master your mind. It can be your greatest ally or foe depending on you. It can make you unbreakable or fragile, once again the choice is up to you. What I mean by this is your self talk. If you choose to moderate your mind and direct it to the positive, focusing on the greatness that is you; it becomes like invisible armor. When you allow it to run amuck, falter and fall into negative patterns; it becomes like poison that you are unknowingly injesting.

Focus on you because ultimately THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL IS YOU. Reclaim the power that was rightfully given to you at birth.

There are lots of book out there to help you on this discover. Two I would recommend are “Awaken the giant within” by Anthony Robbins and “Pyscho-cybernetics by “Maxwell Maltz.

I’m an open resource for help and change. I help those that seek it out. Feel free to add me on facebook.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Ratisse - Daygame/college game (free download)

I recorded the seminar portion of the bootcamp I gave earlier. The title speaks for itself.

Just over an hour long.


Friday, June 26, 2009

My going rate

I have been training people for free and transforming their lives due to my advice and infield work with them for some time. Teaching takes away from my personal life and my actual job so I'm going to start charging.

My going rate is.

My bootcamps are as such. I do 1 on 1's

I live with u for 2 days- Intensive training- $1,500
I live with u for 5 days- Intensive training- $2,500
I live with u for 10 days- Intensive training- $4,800
I live with u for 15 days- Intensive training- $6,900
I live with u for 20 days- Intensive training- $8,800

The criteria is about teaching you everything I know in as much time as possible based on what u want to learn.

I teach day game, night game, bar staff game, stripper game, building social circles, how to became apart of another persons social circle, college game, how to keep gf's, etc....

The more time I have the more I can reinforce, demo and teach. These are an intense crash course. Included if needed/desired for those that invest in the day time is fashion consulting and shopping.

Also I do inner game work if needed.

I fly to you or you fly to me.

If you would like references from my current/previous students. They will be down to talk with you.

Problem approaching people? Gotcha covered

Go out ALONE and decide that you are not going to drink for that night. NO MATTER WHAT!

What this does is it throws you in a situation where you can't use needing to get another drink as a reason not to approach. By not drinking you won't be numb to your inner feelings and thoughts. Also if you don't start approaching you will start feeling uneasy because you are ALONE. This leads you to run into one of two realities.

1. Out of pain (the uneasiness you feel) you will start approaching people to get out of that state. You will notice the more people you talk to the more social you will feel. You should start feeling an excitement adrenaline energy rush. It'll be like a drug and you'll have an awesome night.


2. Out of pain (the same uneasiness) you'll give into it and go home to alleviate that pain.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but the truth in it is if you man up and have courage, it becomes easy to achieve outcome #1.

Free downloads

My 2008 under 21 speech:

My 2008 chi lair talk speech:

An accumulation of most of my Lr's/Fr's (over 70 Lr's):

Text game:

12 mins of comfort (video from 2007):

Part 1 of a day 3 (full close):

Part 2 of a day 3 (full close):

Here's the LR from the archives

I went on my day 3 with this girl. When I got there i decided to record audio so I have a file from meet to bouncing her to my place. In int is a typical example of how a lot of my dates go. If you pay attention you will notice my style, how I incorporate mixing up attraction with comfort.

While we were there I bought 2 pitchers for us and two games of pool. I know how some people say to not treat a girl, make her pay for stuff but I didn't care. I looked at it like I was doing it because I wanted to, that and the fact that she had already giving me head days ago. After the two games of pool we hung out and just got to know each other before I bounced her. We bounce out of there and hit up blockbuster to grab a movie. We also stop by a gas station for a frozen pizza and a 6 pack which she pays for.

After we got here I escalated slowly. Just going at a speed that was keeping her comfortable. I got LMR'd on fingering her. After a bit I end up stripping all my clothes off and getting her to play with me while I fingered her. Once that was on I slipped off the panties and went down on her. From here it was really easy. I got her extremely stimulated from sexual activity. When I could tell she was turned on enough I said I was going to grab a condom. To this she replied ok.

I full closed her then a little later she gave me head. Never got to watch the movie though.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Review from MochaMassacre (tampa, fl)

He left this in my journal on toplair
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ratisse completely changed all of my perceptions in terms of women over the last 6 months. I started talking to Ratisse through phone consultations back in December. From the time I began talking to him he began helping me through all my current sticking points; and by doing what he advised I was able to blast through them quickly.

He's a great guy who just wants to see his students succeed and accomplish their dreams and goals.

Through him I was able to learn how to pickup women in any situation, seduce women in any situation, pickup MILFs, create entourages and social groups full of valuable women and men, how to work an entire room, venue, or party, and essentially... how to be the life of any party.

At this point in my game I can consistently accomplish all my short term goals with women, and use that as a base to accomplish all my longterm goals.

Ratisse is charismatic and energetic, and if you let him, he will completely mess up your world and teach you how to build your own. He's the perfect example of believing in your own reality the best PUA I have ever seen in my life.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beat her LMR

Beat her lmr to the punch by telling her "We aren't having sex tonight. She'll most likely tell u "Your right that u 2 aren't having sex tonight." Reply with "The reason y is Im selective and I don't know if I want to sleep with u yet". This steals the frame in your favor. Then throughout the escaltation if she resists you playing with her boobs, touching her vag, taking close off- keep the frame up that u arent sleeping together tonight. Continue escalation.

You may have to get creative when u get resistance and bring up that its ok to play but u 2 arent having sex.

Get her touching ur cock thru ur pants. If she rubs, fondles u- Undo ur pants and get her touching ur bare cock. If she's cool with it then out comes the dick. Get her playing with it. Straddle her and thrust forward toward her mouth. See if she puts it in. If she does, awesome- while getting head stimulate her vagina and eventually go for taking off the pants. If she doesn't continue arousing her by making out w her, her playing with ur cock. Next start rubbing her vagina. Get her turned on and either go for the bj or try and take her pants off.

Rinse and repeat till sex.

Ultimate trump is ur celebite.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Review from A. L. (iowa)

What can i say about ratisse ?

He is about 5'11", dark makeups around his eyes, with eye catching lip piercings, and hand cuffs in his left pockets, black t-shirts, gothic hair style, and finished off with black chains made out of cotton wrapped around his body. His eye contact is like a tiger ready to attack a prey, and he speaks with a very high authority. Yes, he was a very charismatic person, but my first impression of him was quite intimidating, but don't worry, he is pretty cool guy once you get to know him for more than 3 minutes.

I had a privilege of being trained by Ratisse on a bootcamp for one night in chicago. I met him at his place initially and we spent 2 hrs there first going over his principals when approaching the targets, what to expect in the field, going over some of the questions i had. The " personalized lecture" with ratisse was very brief but was very much to the point. He always cut to the chase without time wasted. The only thing I wish there would be more of was to have more structure in his lecture, but ratisse is more of a person who believes "less talking and more actions'

'nuf said.

Let me get to the meat of the bootcamp. THE FIELD !! What can i say about him? He can strike as a "cocky person" when it comes to him telling about his game. but he's gotta be. He is really good. I have yet to see a person who can escalate and make out with girls within 2 minutes on ALMOST EVERY SET (I can only recall 2 occasions when he failed to kiss close, mind you he did 10-20 demos that night). He uses his well calibrated social skill, high energy and his charisma to his advantage. and I was literally mind blown. It has been about 12 hours after I had a bootcamp and I am still shocked of what I have seen. He didn't do anything special. He didn't have a routine he relies on heavily. He talked to girls in the same manner he would talk to his students. He did this naturally without even flinching. So natural. He has internalized the game so much into himself now he's became the game. That is why I am so shocked by it.

As a boot camp instructor, he was pretty good. He walked me through his style of approaching the game several times. First he demonstrated his skills 2-3 times for me to observe and he made me mimic what he does. He did have a set of lesson routines that he uses for his students: demonstrate, students follow, students wing for ratisse, and later on ratisse wings for his students.

The only bad thing that I experienced in the field with him was that I could not catch up to him. he was so far advanced and threw me so much knowledge at once I could barely breathe through my neck, but I guess that is what the purpose of what the boot camp is all about.

GOOD: You want a fucking awesome PUA?? Here he is.He is good at multiple dimensions, natural game style, routine based gameTons of demonstrationsQ and A with him is just mind blowing.

BAD: His bootcamp could be more structurized, but I believe this would come with time. No worries.

I still have a hard time understanding why what he does works so well. I don't think he knows that either. If he could have broken down his game and his approach into smaller bits, I would have been able to internalize the info a lot faster.

I am gonna finish my review by saying this. My review has been completely unbiased. I have been completely honest with this and I can completely swear by it.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review from Birdman (chicago)

My Review of Ratisse PUA

For those of you who don’t know Ratisse, he’s about 5’10, 160lbs, double lip piercings, enough energy to light up a small city, and enough game in his body language alone to out game half the assholes out there in the community today.

I first met Ratisse at a lair talk he was doing for Project-Chicago. His talk was fairly interesting, a lot of cool new one-liners to help oneself step up the sexual escalation ladder, a lot of ideas about body language, and a fairly complex yet satisfyingly comprehensive break down of social proof that clarified a lot of confusion I had built up from reading community jargon over the last 8-9 months of my pick-up career.

Yet, the line that truly caught my interest at the end of the night was Ratisse’s announcement that he would be giving away free bootcamps and 1on1s fairly consistently over the next year. As someone such as myself that has decided to take a year off in between college and med-school to work on nothing but game, obviously I jumped at this opportunity. And let me tell you, I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that I got to work with Ratisse in the field.

Over the last 8-9 months, I’ve taken 4 boot camps with some pretty big name guru’s (I don’t want to disclose their names in this review, but if you want to contact me personally about my opinions of these other guru’s individually, I would be happy to answer your questions – my email is "edited out"). I’ve worked with a number of guru’s over phone consults, taken a couple 1on1’s, and read A LOT of posts/ebooks. That being said, I can honestly say without hesitation – Ratisse is THE BEST GURU I HAVE EVER SEEN IN FIELD EVER.

Ratisse in field is a fucking animal. I have never seen anybody know how to work a room better than him. This man can walk into a venue, and by the end of the night he will have made friends with almost everyone in the bar, collected about 12 phone numbers, social proofed himself out the ass, set up numerous day two’s, and probably bounced a hot girl or two to some sort of after hours location.

I’m not ENTIRELY sure how he does it, but he has been teaching me slowly. I can honestly say that almost every minute I hang out with him, I learn something new. I think his true strength lies in the fact that he has an AMAZING understanding of how social proof works. That, combined with near flawless body language, a natural ability to lead, impeccable sexual escalation and kino skills, and his ability to juggle multiple ideas in his head at once (including his ability to handle logistics AND keep an eye on his student at the same time) all make him a ridiculously amazing PUA.

On top of that, Ratisse gives more of a fuck about how his students are doing than almost any other PUA I’ve met. This guy legitimately wants the people around him to get better, and he’s very good and figuring out how to teach.

Within one night of working with Ratisse, I would say that my in-field skills jumped up equally to what they would in a month if I was working on my own. One awesome thing Ratisse does, is he would come up to me while I was in set and subtly hold a note on his cell phone out for me that would tell me what to do – I would do it, and the girl would be all over my shit. Within a night, Ratisse turned me from a pua-in-training that would go up to girl after girl approaching, to a pua that had girls approaching me telling me I’m hot because they had been watching me interact with other people all night. And let me tell you, the difference is awesome. He also gives you great advice in between sets while you’re just chillen, gives great text message advice, and is just a cool fucking dude to hang out with. Highly recommended.

The only down side that I can see with Ratisse, and this is nothing more than pure conjecture on my part since I have yet to see this other side of him, is I’m not sure how good he would be in giving long-term dating advice that is specific for me. Eventually I would like to settle down with one girl in a comfortable and highly sexual relationship, and Ratisse just seems like the type of guy who sleeps with a lot of women (96 in the last 18-19 months I think to be exact). And again, I might be wrong, but I felt that I had to have a down side for Ratisse since I’ve said so many good things and this is the best I could come up with.

I’ve worked with a couple other guys in the community (Entropy comes to mind) that I feel have done wonders for my inner game, and have given me advice on how to find a girl that I really like and connect with on emotional level – and I think other people might be better for this type of game. But if you wanna learn how to meet a lot of girls that are interested in you quickly, figure out how to social proof yourself, build a social circle, have impeccable body language, and sexual escalate like a pro – then Ratisse is your man.


Enjoyment of Life

People now a days are in so much of a rush trying to achieve goals. When one is achieved they rush on to the next without fully enjoying the process. This causes a sense of unending hurry to get things done, but when each task is done there is a feeling of emptyness. Yes there is a thrill right at the end, but it is jaded because while you may spend days in order to complete a task, you only enjoy a few moments of satisfaction and happiness. This does not need to be.

Learn to enjoy your surroundings,situations, all the moments in between the tasks and appreciate being alive.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Review from El Topo

So I wanted to chime in here...
Not to toot my own horn, but I know that I am a good instructor in the community...
that being said, I wanted to tip my hat to Ratisse.

Let me just say that Ratisse is not only bad ass for doing this, but he is also an amazing guy as well as an amazing instructor. I am not sure if you know him personally, I am sure many guys may know him better than myself, but he is an impressive mix of teacher and PUA. He is an amazing instructor that really puts his all into his students and his own progression.

I have met a lot of instructors in the community and I would want Ratisse to be working working with me over many of the other ones I know.

In order to be good at teaching, you have to have a HUGE range in order to facilitate a wide variety of students. Ratisse has a great rounding of all the things necessary, probably the most valuable is that he cares about who he is working with.

If you want some great Instruction (apparently for FREE) then you're an idiot not to take him up on this.

He is for real.
Plus no instructors other than GoneSavage and sometimes myself have ever been as giving as Ratisse.
when you have a Superior Instructor freely that is RARE!

This is also something that is not seen in the Community, there are few like this, who actually care about working with people and are willing to sacrifice what other instructors won't....GREED and Financial Well being!

If you like what he is doing post about it EVERYWHERE and help him out!

Funny cause i write this as I raise all my prices...In any case, the dude is a bad ass guy...see you guys soon!


Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review from Exalt (chicago)

I met up with Ratisse a couple of nights ago. I think he has a badass style and knows his shit. Very energetic and fast paced. We started with about an hour talk before we went out. During this time he taught me a few cool things. I learned an easy way to get in state and an effective way to beat aa. As other people have said, when we went out Ratisse was very adamant about pushing me into sets. Girls, guys, large, small, anything and everything. I remember one mixed set in particular that I was pussing out on, he literally kicked me into it, ha. This was great because the set went fine and it showed me that I had nothing to be afraid of. Through his bold coaching style and the exercises he had me do, I learned that there is no set you can't approach. Overall the night was very helpful for me. I saw some possibilities I had never considered before and it helped to squash some limiting beliefs. At the end of the night we had about a half hour debrief. He told me what I need to be working on and gave me a plan to do it. He also offered to help me personalize some powerful stories, which was really cool. Everyone could benefit from working with Ratisse, especially if you need a good kick in the ass like I did. I would recommend trying to book some time with him if you can.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review from ScottyD (chicago)

Met up with Ratisse yesterday to check out his style. Guy is great at working the room. As far as I saw, he talks to everyone (man and woman) which makes it very easy to drop in and out of sets of interest. ratisse has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Its infectious which is awesome, he def raised my energy levels. If a low key approach is more your style, its going to be hard to "turn on" ratisse's style, but there are things to be learned from it that anyone can apply. I think the person who can benefit the most from working with Ratisse is a guy uncomfortable in large social settings, looking for a way to connect with others, build rapport, and be able to use that as social proof. In short, ratisse has a lot to offer, I had a great time working the room with him. Def hit him up and check his availability.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review from Libido (orlando)

Ratisse is one of the best, and most underated pua's anywhere. His style, frame control, and escalation cannot be found in anything you will read or see anywhere else.

If you're looking for a top notch instructor, with both the experience and skillsets to give anyone a run for their money, Ratisse is an excellent choice. If you can take him up on this incredible value, do not hesitate.


Professional Dating Coach 2006 - 2008
Speaker 2007 U21 Convention
Speaker 2008 U21 Convention
Tentative Speaker 2009 U21 Convention

Review from Nektar

I’ve hung out with Ratisse quite a bit, and his abilities never cease to amaze me. I would highly recommend training with him, as he is one of the best PUAs I’ve seen – and I’ve trained with and/or hung out with a wide variety of gurus across most major companies.

What sets his game apart from others is: 1.) he acts on his instincts and takes advantage of windows of opportunity better than anyone I’ve seen in the seduction community (I've seen him pull an extremely attractive girl in less than 5 minutes...on more than one occasion); 2.) his inner game and overall outlook on life are rock solid (he lives the life he advocates, something not all gurus do); 3.) the prior two characteristics are extremely difficult for anyone to teach, but Ratisse does a phenomenal job of conceptualizing these characteristics and explaining them in crystal clear terms – a very important skill for any instructor to have; 4.) he demonstrates a genuine interest in helping his students excel.

John (Nektar), Orlando, FL

Friday, February 27, 2009

Inner game and being true to your core

Being true to your core is probably THE most important thing you can do for yourself. Comprimising your morals, values and what you stand for can only lead to inner issues. Case in point- myself. I have a job that if I truly bust my ass I can make a lot of money, but there is a problem. It clashes with how I feel at my core. It causes me to not be as pasionate about my job making it mundane and I have to somewhat fake it. The reprecussions from my job cause me to sometimes not like myself. Do u see the conflict? If you have inner game issues, you should take a long, hard look at yourself and the things you do in your day to day life. If there are certain things that you do that cause you pain then eliminate them. Ultimately your happiness and opinion of yourself is what truly matters.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tim Ferris

Great blog

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mexico- Dec 21 to Jan 23

For those of you that haven't traveled outside the united states I suggest that YOU GO!!!! This would be my second trip outside the states. In sept of 2007 I treated myself to a birthday present of going to Costa Rica. For years I had been putting off traveling for multiple reasons. And take it from me some of these reasons on hindsight have been THE DUMBEST EXCUSES. i.e I'll lose out on "x" amount of dollars. With CR and Mexico, both trips have been life changing. Mexico even more so due to the fact of being there for 34 days. You want to talk about living in the moment. My day started out waking up whenever, getting food, talking to locals, self exploration, listening to music, reading and assortment of other things. If you were to ask me on a peticicular day what day of the week it was I didn't have a clue. Only thing I would use paying attention to time was when I was to meet up with someone.

I've spent about $4,000 between both trips but I feel that it was worth it. In fact the insight into myself, my future careerwise and pickup wise alone was worth the trip.

I found out things about myself like for example, for the last 2 yrs I have been shutting women away from truly allowing themselves to show me who they are out of fear I might actually like them and want to persue it or god forbid, fall in love with them.

While I was there I met a girl in mexico who seemed as cool as she was beautiful and decided to take a risk and date her. This led to 3.5 wks of bliss, myself developing feelings for her and her ultimately falling madly in love with me. By the time I had to leave I was truly sad to have to depart and detach myself from this woman. If things were different and she was close I would be continuing to see her daily. This experience opened my eyes to the possibility of giving women a chance. I can't even fathom how many countless women that never made it past getting to spend 1 or 2 dates with me before I gave them the axe.

I have that I feel I want to post but that will have to come at a later date due to need for sleep.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Dan Millman

I ended up watching "The way of the peaceful warrior". I thought it was really good, deeper insights come out of the movie if you truly pay attention. So being the curious person that I am I desided to research more on it because after all this was based on a true story. This lead me to Dan millman's site. He has a blog on there that seems to have some potential. I plan on going through it further.