Saturday, May 16, 2009

Beat her LMR

Beat her lmr to the punch by telling her "We aren't having sex tonight. She'll most likely tell u "Your right that u 2 aren't having sex tonight." Reply with "The reason y is Im selective and I don't know if I want to sleep with u yet". This steals the frame in your favor. Then throughout the escaltation if she resists you playing with her boobs, touching her vag, taking close off- keep the frame up that u arent sleeping together tonight. Continue escalation.

You may have to get creative when u get resistance and bring up that its ok to play but u 2 arent having sex.

Get her touching ur cock thru ur pants. If she rubs, fondles u- Undo ur pants and get her touching ur bare cock. If she's cool with it then out comes the dick. Get her playing with it. Straddle her and thrust forward toward her mouth. See if she puts it in. If she does, awesome- while getting head stimulate her vagina and eventually go for taking off the pants. If she doesn't continue arousing her by making out w her, her playing with ur cock. Next start rubbing her vagina. Get her turned on and either go for the bj or try and take her pants off.

Rinse and repeat till sex.

Ultimate trump is ur celebite.


rglez2020 said...

you sound like a god amongst mortals dude. Ratisse i'm an 18 year old virgin. Touched 1 pussy. Sucked on a girls tits i hooked up with, LMR screwed me over. Total girlfriends ive had=1 and it was sexless?

If you can give me 1 tip that will get me laid? what is it man? thanks god will forgive for your sins.

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