Sunday, November 30, 2008

Review of my speech

**Showtime~ from**

Ratisse start telling about why he entered the community and its very different from alot of people.. and wich is a good and different way..

Then he talks a bit about limiting beliefs and gives some examples on his own history , and about he fucking girls with no bed HAHAHA..

He tells a bit of something that he do that most of guys doesnt do, go when you find approach invitations.. but without excuses .. no matter if you are with friends or sober..

On text game he gave some cool tips and encourage to have routines, It was never a weak point of mine so I cant opine on that, but the tips were good.. How to game Hungover or Sick .. He told how he developed his text stack.. and shared some of his rules on text

Then he starts talking about priming , that was by far my favorite part, and to me, to most useful and important one.. Its a little cool thing that anyone can add to their game and skyrocket the results.. basically could be something on the lines of "If you guess my name right I will makeout with you" but there is much more he talks about it like 20 minutes.. this alone guys is worth watching the presentation.. in more or less one month after listening I got laid three times.. of course there is more things on my game, but this played huge part, it helps to see if the set is going somewhere.. and later he talks about his delivery on it

And then a bit of state control and being state independent from the girls state and the importance of being unreactive including a report from his experience , worth listening

And some good tips on lmr, some smart way to go its good if you have no experience..

Its all useful things, made for getting results, Im looking to see the 2009 thing.. the best thing its free.. definatelly worth watching guys


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Review from a pua

**Sent to me by Joseph from the Project Chicago lair**

Review of Pre RedStack Seminar Coaching with El Topo and Ratisse

The week that El Topo did the lair talk with Project Chicago he also did a RedStack seminar that Sunday. The night before the seminar, El Topo took out the seminar attendees to get a feel for where each attendee was, and where they are with their game, and what each person’s strengths and weaknesses were.

We met up for dinner at a restaurant in Wicker Park, and were joined by Ratisse who would help El Topo with coaching that night. Those of you who frequent the RSD boards might be familiar with the name. Ratisse is a bit younger and has more of a higher energy, very playful natural style and is always on. He was a very interesting guy. He peacocks a bit too. He showed up at the restaurant gothed out with eyeliner, double lip piercings, and . . . anyone . . . anyone . . . you guessed it, the quintessential black nails. The guy definitely carries himself with a lot of confident energy and swagger as well.

He sat down and we started talking. For a guy that comes off as so hyper-confident, Ratisse was actually pretty laid back and extremely cool to talk to. Very early on in the conversation he mentioned that he didn’t have a big ego about dealing with people and likes to work with people. That turned out to be true, and he was really good at motivating each of us for the night to come. I think this guy is up and coming in the pickup community and is a name that you will hear a lot about in the coming months and years.

One thing about dinner was that Ratisse helped me refine my strategy for picking up the type of women that I want, as well as work with me on some customized material to help me convey some of the things that I am passionate about. The specific routine started with my main hobby of snowboarding and what that’s like for me, and then used that to build up a conversational theme of stepping outside your boundaries. Then he pointed out how you can use that to start sexually framing a woman pretty early on in the conversation. After that he turned and worked with each of the guy’s around the table. He kind of had this urgency to him, where he wanted to help everyone there. The guy definitely has a gift for coaching and a desire to help people.

Over dinner, El Topo interviewed each of the seminar attendees in depth, collecting detailed information about their lifes and their histories. He took notes, but in retrospect he did most of the seminar from memory. One of the things that makes El Topo such a gifted teacher is that (this sounds cliché as I write it but . . .) He has a natural understanding of people and emotions, and just humanity for lack of a better term. To those that ask how he got good so fast, that is his gift that enabled that. It’s also the main thing that I get from him from a coaching perspective whenever we hang out is that he just exudes that innate understanding of human interaction.

We went out to English. There were six attendees and two coaches. I got 1-1 time with both Ratisse and El Topo. The specific feedback I got from El Topo is that I move around too much in set, and it comes off as being uncomfortable. Also, that I need to drop the attraction vibe and engage earlier to start building rapport, and to take her in and out of different emotions.

Working with Ratisse in field was fun because he just dominates every set that I saw him in. It was timely too though because I am in Sinns coaching program and my assignment for the week was to have more fun and be more playful in set, because I take pickup too seriously to the point of it interfering with my game. Ratisse is so laid back and fun infield that I just dropped all game for a change and went into set after set just having fun. We spotted this really hot blonde in a two set and I had already decided to go in when he spotted her and said go in. It was her birthday and the conversation got sexual pretty quickly. It was about a half and hour set. Lot’s of kino sexual talk. It got a bit too much into comfort towards the end, and I somehow ended up in Day-2 land with a solid phone number, but no SNL, which I think was a possibility at the beginning of the set. Later Ratisse made me text her and push for the late night meet up and even wrote the text for me. Text game is one of his specialties. I got a good reply fast, but still didn’t get the SNL. Odds for SNL drop drastically once you let them out of your site because you have to constantly manage their state. This woman was definitely high quality though, and it was a confidence builder just getting as far as I did.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

LR- Solo at the stripclub (11/20)

I went out Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Each night I took home a different girl and fucked her. Here’s the first of 3 LR’s.

Thursday- Milwaukee, WI.

After working out I had the urge to go out. My work partner was being lame- wanting to stay at the hotel. I decided to go across the parking lot to this mexican restaurant/bar to see what was going on. Nothing cool going on here- place was dead AND no hot chicks. I talk to the bartender for a second and find out where the nearest strip club is. I get there and it isn’t very packed which is an awesome thing when trying to game strippers.

Grabbed myself water from the bar, plant myself at the stage to watch this blue haired hottie do her thing. When she came over I did my thing, teased her, made her laugh and sent her on her way to work guys for money. After she got off stage I stuck around to watch the next girl work the stage. Rinse and repeat when she comes over and I bounce over to an empty table against the way to wait patiently like a spider on a web. Moments later the blue haired beauty strolls over to talk to me. We chat a little bit then she asks my name. I give it to her and continue the conversation. Eventually she asks me “Don’t you want to know my name.”, I tell her “Sure even though at the moment it doesn’t matter”. She gives me both her stage name and real name.

We continue on about a range of different things and a shot girl comes over. I decline buying a shot. The stripper asks if I drink. I tell her “Yes but I don’t need alcohol to be social. She tells me “I’m buying you a fucking shot!” and I accept because I’m not one to turn down free alcohol. This then turns into a couple more shots. After a bit she has to go back on stage. She asks me not to go anywhere cause she wants to come back to me.

While she’s on stage I start engaging the other strippers that are walking around. She ends up coming back and the conversation remains fun and I get the feeling that she isn’t trying to work me for money, but I continue to keep my distance and rarely touch her. I start talking about sexual things like how kissing is a big turn on for me and that if someone sucks at that the sex would probably suck. She agrees with me. I ask her what her type is when it comes to guys. She asks me to go first and reframe it saying she’s just wants to know if I find her attractive, which she admits to. I tell her that I think she is hot. She tells me she loves my lip rings, my style and thinks I’m sexy. After awhile of us talking she tells me that she wants to make out with me. I acknowledge her statement and continue the conversation. After awhile she tells me again. I do the exact same thing as before.

I tell her that I’m impressed that she’s hanging out with me when she could be working. She tells me she likes being around me and is having fun. She ends up having to go back on stage and other strippers start coming over to me again. Same pattern they enjoy my conversation then leave when the blue haired girl comes over again. After awhile I tell her “I think your cool and would hangout with you later but it wouldn’t work because I go back to Chicago tomorrow”. She tells me that we should hang out next time I’m in town and gives me her number. After awhile she has to go back on stage and while in the middle of her set she motions for me to come up there. She comes over to me, nuzzles her face into my neck and starts licking my ear. I tell her she should try to arouse me like that that’s how naughty things happen. I go back to my table and she comes back over.

More conversation and I end up telling her that it’s a shame that I have to be up early in the morning otherwise I’d think of letting her take me home. She tells me that wouldn’t be so bad because she kinda wants to fuck me, but she has a guest over so that wouldn’t work. Eventually after her being persistent about making out with me I allow her to take me in the back to get a dance. While in the back she tells me she has an idea. Maybe we could fuck in the back of my car. During the dance she starts making out with me. She pulls away, looks me in the eyes and tells me she’s certain about her idea.

After the dance we have a couple more drinks. End up solidifying details a little more. I bounce out of the club about 10 mins before it closes. She had asked me to meet her in the parking lot of Denny’s because she doesn’t want her coworkers to know that she’s going off to fuck some guy. She shows up and I bring her to my hotel room. I bring her in and it wakes my buddy up. He gets to listen to the action as it goes down. 2 blowjob’s and a round of sex.