Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A lesson from Earl

As I sit here typing this up my father's dog is by my side. He kind of inspired me. You can learn alot from man's best friend. When they see you they are extremely happy and excited to see you and it puts a smile on your face. They love you unconditionally and without question. They ask for nothing but your affection and love. Imagine if you were to treat everyone like that. Just bringing positive vibes everywhere you go. There would be no "bitch shields", there would be no getting bad reactions and getting blown out. If you treated everyone with love and like they were your best friend just imagine what your life would be like. You would be that guy that everywhere u go to socially interact, you would be treated like a star.

LR- Ibar pull to my suburban (1hr)

This is going to be a very detailed report. Enjoy.

**Mindset going into a club**

I'm here to have fun. I'm here to provide value in the form of fun. I talk to lots of people. Those guys standing there clutching there drinks hoping something cool happens, yea I'm here to brighten there day. I believe that these women love sex and they want some cool guy to take them home. Yea, I'm that guy.

**Tools and things I look for**

When I'm walking around the club I scan for AI. When I see it from a girl I want to approach I immediately go approach her unless I'm in set with some other girls. I like approaching girls I get AI from because that phase of building attraction is already taken care of for me, I just have to maintain it and ramp it up.

When I'm in set with a girl I am constantly using my body language in a dominant yet comfortable way for multiple purposes. One thru push/pull to keep her on her toes. I will show semi-disintrest thru body language as a tool to show her that she hasn't won me over. (ex. While I'm speaking to her I am scanning the room for AI from other girls). This previous example is powerful because it helps me on multiple levels. 1. By us being together she is social proofing me to other girl which I can approach later. 2. I see these AI's from those girl so I know who to approach later. 3. Since I'm going ADD on her abit she now fights to get my attention back by touching me. 4. Shows that I'm not fully invested in this interaction and may leave at any moment.

In isolation, I drop in one or two stories from my life that will help build a stronger emotional connection with a girl.

Throughout the set I'm constantly priming a girl in order to do a couple things. 1. It also her to know where I'm directing this interaction. 2. It acts as a road map for me, telling me where I'm at in the interaction. (ex. I tell a girl "If we continue talking that we are going to end up making out") In this example her nonverbal reaction to what I have said gives me feedback into how attracted she is to me, where I'm at in this interaction and if I can proceed with what I just stated. (Sinn does the same thing) (I call it priming)

State control. I do my best to be that solid rock that the waves crash upon. I try to project that no matter what she does or says that she is not going to fuck my state up and make me crumble. I'm going to stay being this guy thats having a lot of fun.

**The Report**

After speaking at the under21 convention on fri I went out to downtown with a bunch of the puas. It was Doc Hollyday's bday so we were going to meet at ibar. I get in there with Heartwork and I'm in a super fun state. On our first stretch of our first lap I see a 3set. It's two hispanic girls and one of the students from the convention. Having spoken to him yesterday I knew he was fairly new so I decided to wing him. That and I love latinas but don't tell anyone.

I open him with "Hey what's up bro", split second convo with him then open the girl that he isn't sitting by.

Me: Hey are you guys harrassing my buddy here? (jokingly laughing while I say it)
HB: No, he's harrassing us. (as she smiles and giggle)
Me: I don't believe you (as I sit down next to her)
Me: I can tell you are trouble. You probably scare alot of guys. (playful laughing)

We continue to chat a bit and I start priming her, teasing her and just adding to her night. She tells me that she is here with her bf. Doesn't matter to me, regaurdless I'm here to help out the other pua. After a couple minutes a third girl comes over wanting to dance. I ignore her for a second. The previous HB tells me to dance with her friend, HBsuburban. I intiate convo with her and have her sit next to me. I start teasing her and she starts to kino me my touching my hand and leg. I continue to talk to her about a couple more things and I prime her about making out. She's receptive and passively accepts what I say to her. I tell her to close her eyes and I kiss her. She doesn't kiss me back but responds with "but I don't know you". *This response told me that I needed to shift into emotionally connecting with her* I tell her a story about costa rica and some of my views on like. Here eyes go all DDB on me. She asks me to come dance with her.

We get up and I stop her 2 ft away. I look at her and say "Are you a good kisser or are your lips just for show?" and she immediately starts making out with me. After a little bit I stop the makeout. I allow her to lead me thru the crowd *Once again for social proof and I'm scanning around for AI*. We are dancing and talking. I tell her "You sem like a really cool girl but you don't have to believe me because I'm trying to get into your pants". She responds with a sexually curious "Really". I'm holding her hands and we make out. I pull away and tell her "This isn't fair what u are doing to me" (as I press her hand into my erection).

Immediately one her friends strolls over. The three of us talk for a second then I tell my girl "Hey my drink is empty. Come with me I'm getting another one". We get over to the bar and talk as the bartender is getting me a drink. I tell her we should hang out on sunday. Hand her my phone and write my number on a napkin. She hands me back my phone and doesn't help me out with the name recall. She had put her name in by her initials. I ask her a couple more questions and she starts rubbing my cock. At this point I'm thinking it's on when out of nowhere her 2 friends come over to steal her away. For me this is turned into do or die, how am I going to stall this. I open my mouth and ask the ringleader "Do u mind if her and I do a shot together first then you can have her?", she responds with something about her friend being a big gril and she's not her mother. She tells my HBsuburban that they are going to the bathroom and will be back down for her.

I'm like cool I bought my 5 mins max. I look my girl in the eyes and what comes out of my mouth was beautiful "It's too bad you have to leave I was going to take you on a romantic date to the bathroom. Where I was going to pull my dick out and masterbate for u", my girls eyes open very widely and I ask her "Would you like to watch?". She responds with a verbal maybe and a non-verbal frantic nodding up and down.

I grab her hand and lead her to the bathrooms where her friends are at. I look in the guys bathroom and there's a line. We talk to her friends for a second because they are waiting by the girls bathroom. I tell my girl come here and lead her downstairs and out of the club. As we are walking to my suburban she asks where my car is. We get to my parking garage and to my car. No words necessary I just open the backseat and let her in. We start making out and within minutes my dick is out and I'm getting head. I stop her and shift to the side. We continue making out and I slide my hands down her pants to finger her. I try to take them off but no go. I tell her it'll be better for her cause it's easier for my hand. Buttons undone. I try to slide them down with the premise of I want to go down on her. She allows me to slide them down but asks me why they have to come off. I tell her that they just do. Pants off and I try to go down on her but she wont let me. I slide her back, spread her legs and get in between them while I'm fingering her. I go for the old switcheroo but she stops me saying "but I don't have a condom" *passive acceptence for sex* so I stop completely and grab my bag that is in the back. Thank god I had a condom in there. I throw it on and she states that I probably do this alot. I ignore her statement and enter her. We fuck for abit and after I blow my load we walk back to the club. Inside we part ways, she goes to find her friends and I go to find mine.