Saturday, March 28, 2009

Review from Exalt (chicago)

I met up with Ratisse a couple of nights ago. I think he has a badass style and knows his shit. Very energetic and fast paced. We started with about an hour talk before we went out. During this time he taught me a few cool things. I learned an easy way to get in state and an effective way to beat aa. As other people have said, when we went out Ratisse was very adamant about pushing me into sets. Girls, guys, large, small, anything and everything. I remember one mixed set in particular that I was pussing out on, he literally kicked me into it, ha. This was great because the set went fine and it showed me that I had nothing to be afraid of. Through his bold coaching style and the exercises he had me do, I learned that there is no set you can't approach. Overall the night was very helpful for me. I saw some possibilities I had never considered before and it helped to squash some limiting beliefs. At the end of the night we had about a half hour debrief. He told me what I need to be working on and gave me a plan to do it. He also offered to help me personalize some powerful stories, which was really cool. Everyone could benefit from working with Ratisse, especially if you need a good kick in the ass like I did. I would recommend trying to book some time with him if you can.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review from ScottyD (chicago)

Met up with Ratisse yesterday to check out his style. Guy is great at working the room. As far as I saw, he talks to everyone (man and woman) which makes it very easy to drop in and out of sets of interest. ratisse has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Its infectious which is awesome, he def raised my energy levels. If a low key approach is more your style, its going to be hard to "turn on" ratisse's style, but there are things to be learned from it that anyone can apply. I think the person who can benefit the most from working with Ratisse is a guy uncomfortable in large social settings, looking for a way to connect with others, build rapport, and be able to use that as social proof. In short, ratisse has a lot to offer, I had a great time working the room with him. Def hit him up and check his availability.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review from Libido (orlando)

Ratisse is one of the best, and most underated pua's anywhere. His style, frame control, and escalation cannot be found in anything you will read or see anywhere else.

If you're looking for a top notch instructor, with both the experience and skillsets to give anyone a run for their money, Ratisse is an excellent choice. If you can take him up on this incredible value, do not hesitate.


Professional Dating Coach 2006 - 2008
Speaker 2007 U21 Convention
Speaker 2008 U21 Convention
Tentative Speaker 2009 U21 Convention

Review from Nektar

I’ve hung out with Ratisse quite a bit, and his abilities never cease to amaze me. I would highly recommend training with him, as he is one of the best PUAs I’ve seen – and I’ve trained with and/or hung out with a wide variety of gurus across most major companies.

What sets his game apart from others is: 1.) he acts on his instincts and takes advantage of windows of opportunity better than anyone I’ve seen in the seduction community (I've seen him pull an extremely attractive girl in less than 5 minutes...on more than one occasion); 2.) his inner game and overall outlook on life are rock solid (he lives the life he advocates, something not all gurus do); 3.) the prior two characteristics are extremely difficult for anyone to teach, but Ratisse does a phenomenal job of conceptualizing these characteristics and explaining them in crystal clear terms – a very important skill for any instructor to have; 4.) he demonstrates a genuine interest in helping his students excel.

John (Nektar), Orlando, FL