Thursday, March 26, 2009

Review from ScottyD (chicago)

Met up with Ratisse yesterday to check out his style. Guy is great at working the room. As far as I saw, he talks to everyone (man and woman) which makes it very easy to drop in and out of sets of interest. ratisse has a lot of energy and enthusiasm. Its infectious which is awesome, he def raised my energy levels. If a low key approach is more your style, its going to be hard to "turn on" ratisse's style, but there are things to be learned from it that anyone can apply. I think the person who can benefit the most from working with Ratisse is a guy uncomfortable in large social settings, looking for a way to connect with others, build rapport, and be able to use that as social proof. In short, ratisse has a lot to offer, I had a great time working the room with him. Def hit him up and check his availability.