Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Review from Nektar

I’ve hung out with Ratisse quite a bit, and his abilities never cease to amaze me. I would highly recommend training with him, as he is one of the best PUAs I’ve seen – and I’ve trained with and/or hung out with a wide variety of gurus across most major companies.

What sets his game apart from others is: 1.) he acts on his instincts and takes advantage of windows of opportunity better than anyone I’ve seen in the seduction community (I've seen him pull an extremely attractive girl in less than 5 minutes...on more than one occasion); 2.) his inner game and overall outlook on life are rock solid (he lives the life he advocates, something not all gurus do); 3.) the prior two characteristics are extremely difficult for anyone to teach, but Ratisse does a phenomenal job of conceptualizing these characteristics and explaining them in crystal clear terms – a very important skill for any instructor to have; 4.) he demonstrates a genuine interest in helping his students excel.

John (Nektar), Orlando, FL