Sunday, November 30, 2008

Review of my speech

**Showtime~ from**

Ratisse start telling about why he entered the community and its very different from alot of people.. and wich is a good and different way..

Then he talks a bit about limiting beliefs and gives some examples on his own history , and about he fucking girls with no bed HAHAHA..

He tells a bit of something that he do that most of guys doesnt do, go when you find approach invitations.. but without excuses .. no matter if you are with friends or sober..

On text game he gave some cool tips and encourage to have routines, It was never a weak point of mine so I cant opine on that, but the tips were good.. How to game Hungover or Sick .. He told how he developed his text stack.. and shared some of his rules on text

Then he starts talking about priming , that was by far my favorite part, and to me, to most useful and important one.. Its a little cool thing that anyone can add to their game and skyrocket the results.. basically could be something on the lines of "If you guess my name right I will makeout with you" but there is much more he talks about it like 20 minutes.. this alone guys is worth watching the presentation.. in more or less one month after listening I got laid three times.. of course there is more things on my game, but this played huge part, it helps to see if the set is going somewhere.. and later he talks about his delivery on it

And then a bit of state control and being state independent from the girls state and the importance of being unreactive including a report from his experience , worth listening

And some good tips on lmr, some smart way to go its good if you have no experience..

Its all useful things, made for getting results, Im looking to see the 2009 thing.. the best thing its free.. definatelly worth watching guys