Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Review from MochaMassacre (tampa, fl)

He left this in my journal on toplair
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Ratisse completely changed all of my perceptions in terms of women over the last 6 months. I started talking to Ratisse through phone consultations back in December. From the time I began talking to him he began helping me through all my current sticking points; and by doing what he advised I was able to blast through them quickly.

He's a great guy who just wants to see his students succeed and accomplish their dreams and goals.

Through him I was able to learn how to pickup women in any situation, seduce women in any situation, pickup MILFs, create entourages and social groups full of valuable women and men, how to work an entire room, venue, or party, and essentially... how to be the life of any party.

At this point in my game I can consistently accomplish all my short term goals with women, and use that as a base to accomplish all my longterm goals.

Ratisse is charismatic and energetic, and if you let him, he will completely mess up your world and teach you how to build your own. He's the perfect example of believing in your own reality the best PUA I have ever seen in my life.