Friday, June 26, 2009

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My 2008 under 21 speech:

My 2008 chi lair talk speech:

An accumulation of most of my Lr's/Fr's (over 70 Lr's):

Text game:

12 mins of comfort (video from 2007):

Part 1 of a day 3 (full close):

Part 2 of a day 3 (full close):

Here's the LR from the archives

I went on my day 3 with this girl. When I got there i decided to record audio so I have a file from meet to bouncing her to my place. In int is a typical example of how a lot of my dates go. If you pay attention you will notice my style, how I incorporate mixing up attraction with comfort.

While we were there I bought 2 pitchers for us and two games of pool. I know how some people say to not treat a girl, make her pay for stuff but I didn't care. I looked at it like I was doing it because I wanted to, that and the fact that she had already giving me head days ago. After the two games of pool we hung out and just got to know each other before I bounced her. We bounce out of there and hit up blockbuster to grab a movie. We also stop by a gas station for a frozen pizza and a 6 pack which she pays for.

After we got here I escalated slowly. Just going at a speed that was keeping her comfortable. I got LMR'd on fingering her. After a bit I end up stripping all my clothes off and getting her to play with me while I fingered her. Once that was on I slipped off the panties and went down on her. From here it was really easy. I got her extremely stimulated from sexual activity. When I could tell she was turned on enough I said I was going to grab a condom. To this she replied ok.

I full closed her then a little later she gave me head. Never got to watch the movie though.


deon10 said...

Ratisse whatsup man,

I just got to know you through your 21 convention videos, and I like ur stuff a lot...
The link for ur FLs is dead, would you mind uploading it again...



Psy said...

Same here, I tried downloading the materials, but the links are coming up dead. Please upload at your earliest convenience.

Thanks very much!

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