Friday, June 26, 2009

My going rate

I have been training people for free and transforming their lives due to my advice and infield work with them for some time. Teaching takes away from my personal life and my actual job so I'm going to start charging.

My going rate is.

My bootcamps are as such. I do 1 on 1's

I live with u for 2 days- Intensive training- $1,500
I live with u for 5 days- Intensive training- $2,500
I live with u for 10 days- Intensive training- $4,800
I live with u for 15 days- Intensive training- $6,900
I live with u for 20 days- Intensive training- $8,800

The criteria is about teaching you everything I know in as much time as possible based on what u want to learn.

I teach day game, night game, bar staff game, stripper game, building social circles, how to became apart of another persons social circle, college game, how to keep gf's, etc....

The more time I have the more I can reinforce, demo and teach. These are an intense crash course. Included if needed/desired for those that invest in the day time is fashion consulting and shopping.

Also I do inner game work if needed.

I fly to you or you fly to me.

If you would like references from my current/previous students. They will be down to talk with you.


Given said...

Hey interested in your game. You strike me as normal down to earth guy, unlike some others hah.

email me at

I would like to work day game mostly since I don't drink really (anymore hah). I would probably want to correspond via email back and forth to start off. Let me know if that works for you.

I'll give you an "about me" when you get back to me rather than waste my time now.

I have the rest of the summer free other than my 2 online college courses and my best friends wedding in San Diego! So I'm wanting to set a good tone!

Clark - IL

Judge said...

Hey very nice blog you have run here. Lot's of value to learn from. I'm interesting in your free phone consults. I'm available mostly around the weekends. I'm having some sticking points with days 2s and keeping things interesting after the first interaction. You can reach me at

J - HI

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