Friday, June 26, 2009

Problem approaching people? Gotcha covered

Go out ALONE and decide that you are not going to drink for that night. NO MATTER WHAT!

What this does is it throws you in a situation where you can't use needing to get another drink as a reason not to approach. By not drinking you won't be numb to your inner feelings and thoughts. Also if you don't start approaching you will start feeling uneasy because you are ALONE. This leads you to run into one of two realities.

1. Out of pain (the uneasiness you feel) you will start approaching people to get out of that state. You will notice the more people you talk to the more social you will feel. You should start feeling an excitement adrenaline energy rush. It'll be like a drug and you'll have an awesome night.


2. Out of pain (the same uneasiness) you'll give into it and go home to alleviate that pain.

Ultimately the choice is yours, but the truth in it is if you man up and have courage, it becomes easy to achieve outcome #1.