Thursday, April 9, 2009

Review from Birdman (chicago)

My Review of Ratisse PUA

For those of you who don’t know Ratisse, he’s about 5’10, 160lbs, double lip piercings, enough energy to light up a small city, and enough game in his body language alone to out game half the assholes out there in the community today.

I first met Ratisse at a lair talk he was doing for Project-Chicago. His talk was fairly interesting, a lot of cool new one-liners to help oneself step up the sexual escalation ladder, a lot of ideas about body language, and a fairly complex yet satisfyingly comprehensive break down of social proof that clarified a lot of confusion I had built up from reading community jargon over the last 8-9 months of my pick-up career.

Yet, the line that truly caught my interest at the end of the night was Ratisse’s announcement that he would be giving away free bootcamps and 1on1s fairly consistently over the next year. As someone such as myself that has decided to take a year off in between college and med-school to work on nothing but game, obviously I jumped at this opportunity. And let me tell you, I cannot emphasize enough how happy I am that I got to work with Ratisse in the field.

Over the last 8-9 months, I’ve taken 4 boot camps with some pretty big name guru’s (I don’t want to disclose their names in this review, but if you want to contact me personally about my opinions of these other guru’s individually, I would be happy to answer your questions – my email is "edited out"). I’ve worked with a number of guru’s over phone consults, taken a couple 1on1’s, and read A LOT of posts/ebooks. That being said, I can honestly say without hesitation – Ratisse is THE BEST GURU I HAVE EVER SEEN IN FIELD EVER.

Ratisse in field is a fucking animal. I have never seen anybody know how to work a room better than him. This man can walk into a venue, and by the end of the night he will have made friends with almost everyone in the bar, collected about 12 phone numbers, social proofed himself out the ass, set up numerous day two’s, and probably bounced a hot girl or two to some sort of after hours location.

I’m not ENTIRELY sure how he does it, but he has been teaching me slowly. I can honestly say that almost every minute I hang out with him, I learn something new. I think his true strength lies in the fact that he has an AMAZING understanding of how social proof works. That, combined with near flawless body language, a natural ability to lead, impeccable sexual escalation and kino skills, and his ability to juggle multiple ideas in his head at once (including his ability to handle logistics AND keep an eye on his student at the same time) all make him a ridiculously amazing PUA.

On top of that, Ratisse gives more of a fuck about how his students are doing than almost any other PUA I’ve met. This guy legitimately wants the people around him to get better, and he’s very good and figuring out how to teach.

Within one night of working with Ratisse, I would say that my in-field skills jumped up equally to what they would in a month if I was working on my own. One awesome thing Ratisse does, is he would come up to me while I was in set and subtly hold a note on his cell phone out for me that would tell me what to do – I would do it, and the girl would be all over my shit. Within a night, Ratisse turned me from a pua-in-training that would go up to girl after girl approaching, to a pua that had girls approaching me telling me I’m hot because they had been watching me interact with other people all night. And let me tell you, the difference is awesome. He also gives you great advice in between sets while you’re just chillen, gives great text message advice, and is just a cool fucking dude to hang out with. Highly recommended.

The only down side that I can see with Ratisse, and this is nothing more than pure conjecture on my part since I have yet to see this other side of him, is I’m not sure how good he would be in giving long-term dating advice that is specific for me. Eventually I would like to settle down with one girl in a comfortable and highly sexual relationship, and Ratisse just seems like the type of guy who sleeps with a lot of women (96 in the last 18-19 months I think to be exact). And again, I might be wrong, but I felt that I had to have a down side for Ratisse since I’ve said so many good things and this is the best I could come up with.

I’ve worked with a couple other guys in the community (Entropy comes to mind) that I feel have done wonders for my inner game, and have given me advice on how to find a girl that I really like and connect with on emotional level – and I think other people might be better for this type of game. But if you wanna learn how to meet a lot of girls that are interested in you quickly, figure out how to social proof yourself, build a social circle, have impeccable body language, and sexual escalate like a pro – then Ratisse is your man.