Friday, April 3, 2009

Review from El Topo

So I wanted to chime in here...
Not to toot my own horn, but I know that I am a good instructor in the community...
that being said, I wanted to tip my hat to Ratisse.

Let me just say that Ratisse is not only bad ass for doing this, but he is also an amazing guy as well as an amazing instructor. I am not sure if you know him personally, I am sure many guys may know him better than myself, but he is an impressive mix of teacher and PUA. He is an amazing instructor that really puts his all into his students and his own progression.

I have met a lot of instructors in the community and I would want Ratisse to be working working with me over many of the other ones I know.

In order to be good at teaching, you have to have a HUGE range in order to facilitate a wide variety of students. Ratisse has a great rounding of all the things necessary, probably the most valuable is that he cares about who he is working with.

If you want some great Instruction (apparently for FREE) then you're an idiot not to take him up on this.

He is for real.
Plus no instructors other than GoneSavage and sometimes myself have ever been as giving as Ratisse.
when you have a Superior Instructor freely that is RARE!

This is also something that is not seen in the Community, there are few like this, who actually care about working with people and are willing to sacrifice what other instructors won't....GREED and Financial Well being!

If you like what he is doing post about it EVERYWHERE and help him out!

Funny cause i write this as I raise all my prices...In any case, the dude is a bad ass guy...see you guys soon!