Thursday, July 9, 2009

Inner game

Inner game

This post is a culmination of my past and recent events which caused me to take a cold hard look and save myself from a downward spiral.

Your brain is an amazing tool, the only downside is that when you were born you weren’t given an instruction manual on how to operate it. On top of that, you were conditioned from birth, by factors out of your control which left you wired in a certain way. Your entire life has been lead based on the parameters of this wiring. I say fuck that! Choose to rewire yourself the way you want to be. To feel the way you want to feel.

It’s sad that most people have chosen to allow their emotional states to be dictated by the opinions of others. In this case what you are really doing is saying that your own opinions don’t mean shit compared to the opinions of strangers. This leads to neediness, lack of enjoyment of life, a never ending urge for people to like you and need to please the whims of others.

Guess what my friend. YOU are living YOUR life not these other people you are randomly meeting. In your mind, the most important person in your world should be YOU. If it isn’t, then you are living a false life there lies your problem. If you truly believed that your opinion of yourself is more important than what another person thinks of you some awesome things will happen.

1. You wouldn’t blow yourself out of set as much.
2. Your demenour what you present to the world would be different.
3. People would be responding to you different.
4. If that cute chick you are talking to gets disinterested and leaves, it won’t have that dagger to the heart affect on you.
5. Anxiety level will fall to the floor.
6. You won’t be seeking approval from others or trying to take value from them. Instead you will truly be interacting with people and connecting with them. This in it’s own is where magic starts happening.

All these negative thoughts that may be going on in your head (ex. I’m not (fill in the blank) and that’s why girls don’t like me) well guess what. EVERYONE YOU ENCOUNTER THINKS THIS SAME WAY. That hot chick that you want to approach, but are afraid to she may be a shy, scared little girl inside. The point is you don’t know what is going on in a persons head so to already make a judgement against yourself or about them before you’ve even talked to them is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

Also along those lines, say you get rejected by some girl. You only see half the story and even then what you have is jaded because it is what you have applied meaning to. You may be saying “I suck with women, once again another one goes and proves it to me”, but since you don’t know what’s going on in her head or her life you are missing out on something huge. Her dog could have just died, just found out her dad has cancer, etc and you just happened to come around at the wrong time so there goes another dagger to your heart.

When you come to realize this as truth, an inner shift will occur and things that once caused you pain won’t affect you the same.

Learn to master your mind. It can be your greatest ally or foe depending on you. It can make you unbreakable or fragile, once again the choice is up to you. What I mean by this is your self talk. If you choose to moderate your mind and direct it to the positive, focusing on the greatness that is you; it becomes like invisible armor. When you allow it to run amuck, falter and fall into negative patterns; it becomes like poison that you are unknowingly injesting.

Focus on you because ultimately THE ONLY THING YOU CAN CONTROL IS YOU. Reclaim the power that was rightfully given to you at birth.

There are lots of book out there to help you on this discover. Two I would recommend are “Awaken the giant within” by Anthony Robbins and “Pyscho-cybernetics by “Maxwell Maltz.

I’m an open resource for help and change. I help those that seek it out. Feel free to add me on facebook.



Ron C. said...

Excellent post this one. Inner Game is important in Dating Women.

Modern Men's Dating Guide to Attraction, Sex and Relationships

Emotion Flow said...

Inner game is foundation for life progression and with succses with woman in general... Nice article, you should write more often ;)

Joe said...

You should start posting again. This was awesome. Came at just the right time for me.

We are responsible for our inner emotional and psychological states. Not others. We have ALL the control (Literally. There is no invisible linkage between the outside world and the inside of our heads, though we sometimes have liked to act like there is. There's an impenetrable barrier, or 'personal boundary' that lets us keep out the negative, and bring in or generate the positive from within.)

And from that flows all of the outer success, experiences and joy we will have.

Thank you man.

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