Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Mexico- Dec 21 to Jan 23

For those of you that haven't traveled outside the united states I suggest that YOU GO!!!! This would be my second trip outside the states. In sept of 2007 I treated myself to a birthday present of going to Costa Rica. For years I had been putting off traveling for multiple reasons. And take it from me some of these reasons on hindsight have been THE DUMBEST EXCUSES. i.e I'll lose out on "x" amount of dollars. With CR and Mexico, both trips have been life changing. Mexico even more so due to the fact of being there for 34 days. You want to talk about living in the moment. My day started out waking up whenever, getting food, talking to locals, self exploration, listening to music, reading and assortment of other things. If you were to ask me on a peticicular day what day of the week it was I didn't have a clue. Only thing I would use paying attention to time was when I was to meet up with someone.

I've spent about $4,000 between both trips but I feel that it was worth it. In fact the insight into myself, my future careerwise and pickup wise alone was worth the trip.

I found out things about myself like for example, for the last 2 yrs I have been shutting women away from truly allowing themselves to show me who they are out of fear I might actually like them and want to persue it or god forbid, fall in love with them.

While I was there I met a girl in mexico who seemed as cool as she was beautiful and decided to take a risk and date her. This led to 3.5 wks of bliss, myself developing feelings for her and her ultimately falling madly in love with me. By the time I had to leave I was truly sad to have to depart and detach myself from this woman. If things were different and she was close I would be continuing to see her daily. This experience opened my eyes to the possibility of giving women a chance. I can't even fathom how many countless women that never made it past getting to spend 1 or 2 dates with me before I gave them the axe.

I have that I feel I want to post but that will have to come at a later date due to need for sleep.