Tuesday, May 6, 2014

LR- Feb 9th, 2014

Me: Those shoes would go swimmingly with my outfit

Her: Lol what outfit do you have? ? Haha!!

Me: It's half a birthday suit. It would be full but that would just get me arrested walking down the street

Her: Lol oh noo! ! Well i wouldn't want you to get arrested love!!!

Me: It'll be fine. Just bring bail money and a blanket

Her: Lol yeah im sure you'll need that blanket in this weather!

Me: Yes. I don't need my sweat to turn me into a Popsicle 

Are you any good at pool? 

Either way lets play for hugs and candy. I like skittles

Her: Lmao nooo i don't know how to play pool lol i wish! !

Me: Perfect. I shall teach you and purposely throw all the games so you feel like a pro and I can buy you stuff. 

What time is good for you? 

Just promise to be fun. I'm not into boring

Her: Lmao!!! Haha what's boring?? That's funny, im at work right now!

Me: Watching paint dry. Spiders building a web, they are too slow; they need to be fast like microwaves. 

What do for work? Please tell me it's something awesome

Her: Lmao i understand! ! Hell noo my job is just as boring! ! Im a security guard at a trucking company

Me: Nice. That means I can have all your attention and steal stuff without getting in trouble. 

How's your weekend been so far? 

If you say Im your favorite part of the weekend you win a point

Her: Lmao! ! "You are my favorite part" lol haha my weekend is ok i just slept halfway through my shift lol how about your weekend? ?

Me: Hell yea. Extra point for you for ticking it to the man. Get to +5 and win a prize 

I thought I was going to be working today. I guess the reality lied to me 

Lets go on a romantic date? I'm thinking mcdonald's. We'll bring candles and wine to keep it classy

Her: Where do you work?? Lol wow That's like a low blow Mc.Donalds!!! Sorry but i don't even eat that crap no more! !!

Me: Im self employed. 

I didn't say we would eat. Just get drunk and play in the ball pit.

Her: Lol!! Thats funny! !! What do you usually do on your off days? ?

Me: I upped new old pics. Enjoy

Her: Lol really 

Lol funny. Looks like you like to have fun....

Me: You got that right. You could say the last decade has been one hell of adventure. All over the us, mexico, europe and costa rica. 

Let's just say I'm a hot mess and it's fun

Her: Lol oh i def' can tell that you are a hot mess lol
But i bet you're fun to hang around

Me: Definitely. I'm trouble. The good kinda. 

I think I'm going to be out of town for the next few weeks but I'm free today. Want to hang out?

Her: I wouldn't mind but the snow is messy and i can't drive my car in all that shit! !

Me: Train it up girl! That's what I'm gonna do. I'm off the western stop of the orange line. I'll meet you in boystown. It'll be magical.

Her: I can't get on a train with heels on let alone walk thru the snow in this shit! ! I just dnt feel like fighting with the snow today! And besides i live south! !

Me: I do too. I'm by western and 47th. what about you

Her: 41st and lake park

Me: Hey we are neighboors
what's over there to do? I'm willing to brave the elements. I've got katy perry and drake to draw strength from. 

and on a plus I was just told that there's only been a few murders over in your area in the last few years. winning!

Her: Lol Lmao! !! Idk this area like that i just moved over here! ! But soo far its ok! !! I wouldn't know as much because i work a lot! ! And im never home! ! But i am near Hyde Park!

Me: I know how that is. I just did the same thing! Before this I was out in arlington heights. Before that I was in LA. 

I'll come to you. Just promise not to slip me a mickey. I don't need to wake up naked and chained up in some gay man's basement.

Her: Lmao you're funny! ! Oh you're NOT from Chicago? ? 
And hey i should be the one scared! I usually be scared to meet pple seriously! !lol

Me: I'm pretty harmless. I'm too much of a fireball that others try to seduce me so you are in good hands like all state. I may be an interesting influence but i don't make others do anything they don't want to. I've been "imposed on" before. NOT FUN! 

I grew up in the northwest suburbs. When I hit 22 I traveled to florida. From there I just started being a nomad. Moved back in august

Her: Sounds good! !! Well i hope you aren't crazy! ! Trust me i had a terrible experience awhile back! 
We're rude we did not properly introduce ourselves lol! ! 
Im Deonna you are???

Me: It's all good. I'm Jared and you seem fabulous. 

I feel you on that. I've met certifiable crazy off of this site. 

I would classify as someone that doesn't hold himself back. Too many people hide in their shell and that's "normal"

Her: Lol its ok to be yourself but im more laid back, and i can't stand to be around a crazy ass person

Me: I think we will get along beautifully.

Where do you want to meet?

Her: I see you really want to meet? ?? 
well idc but did you want to go in the hyde park area or somewhere else

Me: sounds like a plan. I don't feel like I have anything to lose.

Number? I'll get dressed and start heading out there. also we should probably figure out where

Met up with her at Bar Louie in Hyde Park. Hung out there for about an hour or so then went back to her place and smashed some beautiful new puss about.

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