Sunday, March 23, 2008

Sinn and El topo's seminars

I ended up going to everything. The lair talk and all three seminars. I saw a lot of value in everything. Normally I don't endorse products or anything but I have to say that I would have paid more for these. Both Sinn and el topo are really good at the way they present the material and they do their best to make sure you understand it.

For me this was a really sick weekend. The amount of mental stimulation that is going on with me is incredible. These seminars have popped up new ideas in my head for how I want to run my game and for other future situations I run across.

For anyone that that is hesitant about taking one of these I would say go for it. With my experience level I didn't know how much I would get from these but after sitting though them all I was fairly impressed. What course(s) is going to depend on the specific goals of the pua.

SNL- I learned some new stuff from this program but the big thing it did for me is that it solidified in my mind what I was already doing. For anyone not pulling and closing on a regular basis I would highly recommend this program.

Breakthough comfort- This program literally blew me away. The information that Sinn released in this left me with chills. As he was teaching this I was having epihanies pop up in my head. Ways I could use this and how I made girls fall for me in the past. Really powerful stuff.

Red stack- This is a massive tool for anyone that wants to be able to generate a highly dynamic interaction between yourself and women. Honestly if you are not getting the results you desire in set I would give this a shot.