Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pua Gayness

This post may offend some of you and if it does....good. I have been in the community for about a year and I have seen a trend that I think is really gay. There's a bunch of pua's that don't act, they don't escalate and they wonder why they never get anywhere. Listen guys if you don't take risks and don't lead the interaction then you are going to wind up going home to a 7-some involving you, your hand and a jar of vasoline. The blame isn't on your wing, isn't that you ran across a bunch of cockblocks or bitches. Ultimately it's on you to either make it happen or to not make it happen.


Adonis said...
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Adonis said...

Agreed! There are few things in PUA-dom more tragic than the guys who fail to accept responsibility for their results with women and then wonder why they still never get any! Man up, guys.

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