Tuesday, March 25, 2008

My Lists

Sinn talks about having lists. One being 10 things to talk about, another being qualities you want in a woman and a third being characteristics you want women to know about you. I spent some time yesterday to come up with them.

10 things to talk about.

1. Moving to Denver. (what I'm excited about)
2. Capoeira and gymnastics
3. Traveling- costa rica and my 3 month road tip.
4. My sexual nature
5. Social interaction and dynamics.
6. Music
7. Dogs
8. Sexual Desires and dynamics
9. Scrubs and heroes (I love those shows)
10. My development/My life

10 qualities I want in women.

1. Humor (this is HUGE)
2. Charisma
3. Beauty (obviously)
4. Has to have a cool life-things going on for her
5. Can party but not an alchy, party girl
6. Sexual- presence & aggressiveness
7. Decisive (i don't need to feel like I'm acting as her daddy)
8. Caring/loving
9. Happy/full of life (I find this sexy)
10. Good hearted/loves animals

11 characteristics I want women to know about me

1. Caring
2. Outgoing
3. Sexually aggressive
4. Decisive- I go for what I want
5. Passionate
6. Charisma
7. Adventurous/risk taker
8. Great lover
9. Spontaneous- I live in the moment
10. Humerous
11. I'm awesome