Monday, September 1, 2008

where I'm at

The way I see it is I have come to a point in my life where it is time to grow. The biggest thing for me now is developing my inner relationship with myself. I've gotten really good at pick but really what is it based on, by whose guide lines am I measure success. I've come so far in good ways and also bad ways since I was younger. One thing that I notice is gone is my innocence. I connected on deeper levels with people when I was around the age of 18-21. I must find that again. My frame needs to change, I must come from a frame of not desiring anything from anyone. It some thing I'm working on. Must push past the vail that hinders you to blindspot, to see past the superficial bullshit. That's truly the only real way to connect with people. To become more focused on intergrating the truth that my own relationship with myself, no matter what, is the most important ting in this world. Embracing your fears and at the same time, you fearlessness. Choosing to embrace the true beauty that is you.


Dasani said...

Really deep stuff man, I'm curious to see where these new insights and ideas about yourself will take you

Nektar said...

Hey man…hope you’re doing well. Good luck with the continued focus on self development.

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